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Cruises to Falkland Islands

Westpoint Island, Falkland Islands. Picture by

Falkland Islands Ports of Call

New Island

Comprising two separately operated properties, New Island is the most westerly inhabited point of the Falkland Islands and is home to some of the finest scenery and one of the largest concentration of..

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Stanley (Falklands)

Stanley is a picturesque town of about 1700 people. Brightly colored wriggly-tin roofs contrast strikingly with the grays and browns of the surrounding hills. The town is named after Lord Stanley, Sec..

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Steeple Jason

The Wildlife Conservation Society announced the ownership of two spectacular, uninhabited islands in the south Atlantic, home to huge numbers of penguins, albatrosses, and other rare wildlife. The isl..

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Westpoint Island

West Point Island lies off the most northwesterly point of West Falkland. West Point Island is separated from the mainland of West Falkland by the narrow West Point Pass. It is a truly magical place w..

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