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Caribbean / Panama Canal

Cruises to Panama

Coiba Island, Panama. Picture by

Panama Ports of Call


Balboa, town (1990 pop. 2,751), Colon prov., in the former Panama Canal Zone, on the Gulf of Panama. The port for Panama City, Balboa was the administrative headquarters of the Panama Canal Zone. It w..

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Bocas del Toro

Located on Isla Colon is the province's capital city, Bocas del Toro. This was the headquarters for United Fruit at the turn of the century and was an important shipping and receiving port. With the m..

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Coiba Island

The Chiriquí - Azuero region stretches along almost half of the southwestern coast of Panama. Of all the mangroves found on the Pacific Coast of Central America, the mangrove forests which fringe..

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Colón, Panama. «koh LOHN» (2000 pop. 204,208), is the second largest city in Panama, at the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal. Colón was surrounded by, but not part of, the former Panama C..

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Darien Jungle

The dense, humid Darien Jungle is located on the western side of Panama. Cana, the last substantial human settlement in the region is often the base for exploring the depths of the undisturbed rainfor..

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Fuerte Amador

Fuerte Amador is a Peninsula jutting out into the Pacific from Balboa. It is separated from Panama city by Ancón Hill and is situated at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. It was built to ..

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Isla Gamez

In Chiriqui Gulf National Marine Park, a marine park in the Caribbean Sea near the Costa Rican border, lies Isla Gamez, an uninhabited island that serves as a protected refuge for leatherback and hawk..

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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is approximately 80 kilometers long between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This waterway was cut through one of narrowest saddles of the isthmus that joins North and South America. ..

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Panama City

The capital of Panama is a modern, thriving commercial center stretching 10km (6mi) along the Pacific coast from the ruins of Panama Viejo in the east to the edge of the Panama Canal in the west. The ..

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Portobelo, the burial place of Sir Francis Drake and one of the most important cities in the world during the Spaniard's conquest of the new world. Visit the ruins of this obscure location virtually b..

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San Blas Islands

The islands located in the Archipielago de San Blas stretch out along the Caribbean coast of Panama from the Golfo de San Blas nearly all the way to the Colombian border. On the Caribbean side of Pana..

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