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Situated in the middle of the Jutland peninsula, Aarhus is the second biggest city in Denmark. Founded over 1,000 years ago as a Viking settlement at the mouth of the river, the town first began developing in approximately 1900, when industrial growth attracted rural populations. The population of Aarhus has almost doubled since 1935 and is still growing, although rather more slowly than in recent decades. Today, 'The Smallest Big City in Denmark' is full of excitement and adventure brimming over with music and dancing, theatre and opera, a wealth of museums, and much more. Visitors come to luxuriate in the magnificent and sublime performances of the internationally renowned Wagner operas or visit the more «alternative» entertainment venues rich in atmosphere and excitement. As the capital of the provinces, it has all the atmosphere of a big city. In addition to the smart, seductive cultural events that take place all the year round, refreshing green woods and sunlit beaches are within easy reach, providing welcome respite from the thronging crowds and the mighty roar of traffic. Thanks to the relatively large population of younger inhabitants Aarhus has the feel of a «young» town. This follows naturally as Aarhus boasts many schools and educational institutions that attract young people from out-lying districts. However, many of them move away once their studies are completed. A notable centre of commerce, the Port of Aarhus is one of Denmark's largest harbours with a cargo-handling capacity of 11 million tonnes and 600,000 containers. With planned investment of an additional two billion Danish kroner over the next 25 years, future development plans include a doubling of the harbour's capacity.

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