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Aasiaat is situated in a charming archipelago area in the southern corner of the Disco Bay, well-protected by a vast number of islands. From here tourists can watch icebergs quietly passing by on the still water. Aasiaat with its approx. 3078 inhabitants is one of the largest towns in Greenland of whom lives 220 in the settlements Akunnaaq (112), 23 km. Northeast of Aasiaat and Kitsissuarsuit (108), 21 km. Northwest of Aasiaat. Aasiaat is a modern town with all modern facilities and as for all cities in Greenland, fishing plays a big part. Aasiaat have a shrimp and crab factory and also a shipbuilding yard plus a number of service institutions. The town is also the education centre of Northern Greenland such as upper secondary school and a handicap school.

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