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Abashiri is a city located in Okhotsk Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan.

Abashiri is known as the site of the Abashiri Prison, a Meiji-era facility used for the incarceration of political prisoners. The old prison has been turned into a museum, but the city's new maximum security prison is still in use.

As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 40,333 and a population density of 85.6 persons per km² (222 persons per sq. mi.). The total area is 470.94 km2 (181.83 sq mi).

Abashiri is located in the eastern part of Abashiri Subprefecture, about 50 kilometers east of Kitami. There are no tall mountains, but there are many hills. The Abashiri River flows through the city and there are three lakes (Lake Abashiri, Lake Notori and Lake Tōfutsu) in the city as well. In the winter, tourists visit the city to watch the drift ice.

Abashiri's sister city is Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. Each year many students participate in student exchange programs between the two cities.

Abashiri is an important local port city and railroad terminal (Abashiri Station). Memanbetsu Airport is located in nearby Ōzora.

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