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Alanya was founded on the top and sides of the high peninsula dividing the county into two. As for the castle overviewing the town on both sides, it is probably the most attractive spot. The castle walls going up for 6,5 km to the Inner Castle on the hill was initially built during the Hellenistic period but raised further, fortified and furnished with 110 towers during the Seljukid period. Alanya is very hot in the summer months. You should take precautions not to be harmed by this excess heat. Stay close to water bodies in which you can bathe or shady shelters where you can take refuge. Plateaux are a pleasant escapade. You can also bathe in cool waters of Alara and Dim Çayy streams. The most appropriate time of the year for a tour of Alanya is between the months of April, May and October , November. The Triathlon is held at 23rd of October annually.

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