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The City of Albany is located 409 kilometres from the City of Perth on the Southern Coast of Western Australia. Albany is the regional centre for the Great Southern. Albany has a dramatic granite coastline and is surrounded by magnificent scenery and pristine white beaches. Albany offers some of the most spectacular coastline and sheltered waterways in the world and is ideal for a coastal holiday. The area was discovered by Captain Vancouver in 1791 and later settled by Europeans in 1826. It was the first colony settled in Western Australia and has many historical buildings. Albany is now a thriving multicultural City boasting a population of approximately 30,000 people. Its major industries are tourism and agriculture (wool, beef, grain), aquaculture and fishing. With a good range of accommodation to satisfy all tastes, from budget to five star, it caters for many different holiday adventures which include fishing, canoeing, boat cruises, whale watching, wildflower viewing, coach and off road tours, scuba diving, sailing and hiking. When visiting Albany you will discover blue skies, white sand, green hills and sea green waters that will delight any traveller who has Albany on their itinerary.

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