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Cruises to Alexandria

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The Mediterranean opens its arms widely to embrace its eternal bride (Alexandria) as she moves gracefully, while its waves splash on her rocks. All the world was a witness to this historical marriage contract about 2330 years ago. It was an illustrious wedding scented by history and concluded proudly under the auspices of Alexander the Great. The beginning of the idea was on the road to the Mediterranean coast when an isthmus dividing the Mediterranean from Lake Mariot attracted Alexander. Alexander pondered deeply about this site with its strange advantages that were suitable for the foundation of a great modern city in compliance with its period. Alexander's city was divided into five districts named after the first five letters of the Greek alphabet. From these districts, the Royal District occupied nearly one third of the whole area of the city and overlooked the Eastern Harbor. The Egyptians lived in the national district (Rhakotis) and the Jews lived in the 4th district known as the Delta, considered to have been the most important district in the ancient city. As for the main avenue - parallel to our present Nabi Daniel street - it was boarded from the north by the gate of the moon and from the south by the gate of the sun.

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