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Alghero offers more that just a great training venue. It has everything you need to relax completely, in safety and comfort. It also offers great opportunities to take short trips and tours to explore its history, culture and wildlife, so you can return home feeling like you’ve experienced something new. During the 13th century the Aragonese built extravagant fortifications around Alghero to protect its inhabitants. Most of these are still standing, the area inside the walls, known as the old town, is extremely popular for eating out, shopping and sightseeing. It is also the site of San Francesco, an impressive and important Catalan Cathedral. The town’s restored ramparts and Lungomare are a great place to enjoy a stroll and take in views across the bay or the medieval skyline. Although discovered by tourism Alghero has not been spoiled by tourists, it exists as a subtle addition to the other commercial interests; wine and agriculture. The Sella & Mosca vineyards are amongst the most productive in Europe and can be included in any itinerary. A small ferry is available from Alghero to the Capo Caccia promontory where you can visit the Caves of Neptune, a 8,200ft grotto which is generally regarded as the most picturesque on the island. Alghero isn't short beaches. The town’s main beach is one of the best for services but you can find privacy in one of the many remote bays scattered around the area. Environmentalists say this area has the clearest and cleanest waters in the Mediterranean, nearby beaches have a history of awards. There are over 50 local dive sites including the reefs and caves of the Golfo Corrallo where Gorgonian and Sardinian Corals thrive, providing an ideal habitat for Dolphins, Monk Seals and Moray Eels. Important archaeological finds have been made in the areas surrounding Alghero, sites like the Palmavera Nuraghe are open to visitors and provide a fascinating insight. Spanish watch towers, fortifications and Cathedrals are all common site on headlands and hilltops, many of these are also worth a visit. The natural parks around Alghero are great for hiking or picnicking, they provide protection for some unusual creatures as well as a healthy population of Deer, Boar and Turtles. Common sightings of Peregrine Falcons, Red Kites and the endangered Griffin Vultures add a sensational feel to any excursions. Expect the usual provincial variation on Italian cooking with local breads, cakes, pastas, fresh fish and an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Pizza, ice creams and other stereotypical Italian foods are also available. The Italians favour a simple breakfasts.

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