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Cruises to Angra dos Reis

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Angra dos Reis has a bay that is ideal for boat trips by schooner, yacht or launch with innumerable places there the conditions are excellent for fishing and diving. There, each year on January 1st the New Year Marine Procession takes place, a long procession of boats of all types, some celebrating on board. The Ilha Grande is the best-known attraction in Angra. Its mountainous landscape and forests contrast with the richness of the coast with its peaks and inlets. Rivers flow down from the hills forming lakes and waterfalls, adjacent to hundreds of beaches and coves. Its 193 km2 can be crossed by paths giving access to the half wild beaches, such as Canto, Abraãozinho, Morcego and Grande das Palmas. The most popular beaches on the island are Abraão, Vermelha, Araçatiba, Longa, Aventureiro and Lopes Mendes, the last two being ideal for surfing.

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