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With a seafaring history spanning thousands of years, it is of little surprise to discover that Antibes is the luxury yacht capital of the world. But the beauty of Antibes is much more than the wealthy people's yachts . Stroll through the ancient gate from the international, multi-million dollar marina and you are immediately taken back in time. The Old Town, le Vieil Antibes is a truly authentic unspoilt cobblestoned village far removed from the high tech in the port. Vieil Antibes has survived the modernisation and tourist 'development' of the last 50 years, and maintains the dignity and atmosphere of its past. A short visit to the Maison du Tourisme will arm you with as much information as you like, so as to get the most from a visit to Antibes. As well as the myriad restaurants, bars and street cafes of Vieil Antibes, there is the Cours Massena which becomes a bustling local marketplace each morning. Around the marketplace is a network of narrow cobbled streets filled with small shops offering a mix of local meats and cheeses combined with art, antiques and gifts. The yachting industry and the computer laboratories of nearby Sophia Antipolis give Antibes one of the highest concentrations of English speakers in France. Antibes Books is the biggest independent English Bookshop in mainland Europe. And then there's the Picasso Museum. Pablo Picasso spent 1946 living and painting in the Grimaldi Castle. Many of his paintings and pottery from this period are on permanent display in the Chateau Grimaldi. Outside of the walls of the Old Town is the modern city of Antibes, the second biggest city in the Alpes-Maritimes, after Nice. The modern city is pleasant with beautiful shady beaches. Charming, but without the overpowering glamour of Cannes. Beyond the city centre lies the Cap d'Antibes with some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Antibes also hosts one of the largest antique shows in Europe each spring. From then on until late September the roads and streets buzz with people from all over the world. Pull up a chair at a street side cafe, order a pastis or glass of local vin rosé and become part of a truly unique part of the world.

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