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Bandol is a true seaside resort. its first tourists were called Thomas Mann, Aldous Huxley, Marcel Pagnol, Mistinguett, Raimu and Fernandel. They made Bandol a holiday spot long before thedays ot Brigitte Bardot and St. Tropez. The vinyards of Bandol are famous : - The red wines are powerful but velvety - The roses are fruity and racy - The whites, full bodied and fine. So, whatever the color, the wines of Bandol are amongst the best of the Midi and even of France. Bandol offers a selection of magnificent homes on the water. Many sand beaches, cliffs, inlets and creeks are all part of this natural environment and are surrounded by hills ot pines and willows. Bandol's port is fitted out to shelter 1,500 boats of all sizes: yachts, great sailing vesseIs and professional fishing boats.Its clears waters and interesting underwater sealife makes this an ideal spot for scuba divers.

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