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Located on a small island off the south coast of Labrador, Battle Harbour is one of the oldest British-based settlements in the Province. The site of Basque, Portuguese and French fishing activity, as early as the 16th century, Battle Harbour also stood as a gateway north for legions of schooners coming later from both New England and Nova Scotia. The island became the year-round outpost of a firm from Poole, England shortly after the 1770's and from the early 19th century onwards, Battle Harbour served as the main port of call for thousands of migratory cod and salmon fishers who set sail from Newfoundland's eastern bays each summer. It was also an important regional trade and administrative center, widely regarded as Labrador's unofficial «capital». In 1893, the first hospital outside of St. John's was established in Battle Harbour by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell - the renowned British medical missionary whose work amongst the people of northern Newfoundland and Labrador is legendary. The Grenfell Doctor's Cottage, pre-fabricated in England and erected at Battle Harbour to house resident medical personnel, still stands and is now beautifully restored. In 1909, U.S. Naval Commander Robert E. Peary wired exclusive detailed accounts of his North Pole expedition to the editor of the New York Times via the wireless transmitter at Battle Harbour. The community was also the site of two press conferences held by Peary and attended by news correspondents from Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal and Chicago. These sessions fuelled the controversy as to whether Peary or his long-standing rival, Dr. Frederick Cook, was the first to «conquer» the Pole. Coverage from Battle Harbour dominated the world's newspapers for ten days and debate concerning the Peary-Cook rivalry continues today. Passengers visiting Battle Harbour will discover the Church of St. James the Apostle, commissioned in 1852 and consecrated five years later. St. James is the oldest surviving Anglican Church in Labrador and the last surviving example of the work of British ecclesiastical architect, Reverend William Grey. Despite a devastating fire in 1930, many of the historic structures, walkways and fisheries-related workstations at Battle Harbour endured and were painstakingly restored. Through them, passengers can re-live captivating moments of Labrador's lively history. More than five hundred site-specific and local artifacts also shed light on the island's rich fishing heritage. Breathtaking ocean scenery and shoreline vistas are definitely worth the trip! Icebergs abound along this part of the Labrador coast in early summer and the photo opportunities at Battle Harbour are endless.

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