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Beechey Island is a tiny island off the southwest tip of Devon Island, some 80 km east of Resolute. It includes graves, a monument, and other historic resources related to the ill-fated Franklin Expedition and to a depot subsequently established to assist those engaged in the search for Franklin. A small historic park has been suggested. The community did not select the island during the Nunavut land claim negotiations so that a historic park might be created in the future. Following review of the matter by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, the Minister of Canadian Heritage declared in 1994 that the various camps, depots, cairns, and other historic resources of Beechey Island are individually and collectively of national historic significance. New air photo coverage of the island was obtained in 1995. Community and regional opinion will be sought in the coming year to determine whether there is sufficient support to pursue establishment of a territorial historic park.

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