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The Bounty Islands are a small group of 13 islets and numerous rocks in the south Pacific Ocean which are territorially part of New Zealand. They are located between 179° 02' and 179° 07' E, and 47° 40' and 47° 45' S, 650 km southeast of the South Island of New Zealand. The group is uninhabited by humans, but heavily populated by penguins and albatrosses. During the 19th century, it was a popular hunting ground for sealers.

Divided into a western group and an eastern group, the islands are small, covering only 1.3 square kilometres. The whole chain is only 5 kilometres across at its longest axis, and the highest point is 90 metres above sea level. The group was discovered by Captain William Bligh in 1788 and named after his ship, just months before the infamous mutiny.

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