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Bremerhaven has all the magic of a maritime experience, the breathtaking diversity of a great international seaport that lives on the water and earns its money there, as an international trading centre, a hub for the worldwide flow of commodities and as an unbeatable destination for all those who dream of a holiday beside and on the sea. All these facets are united in a town that is characterised by the wide open skies of the North, the eternal rhythm of the tides and by the watercourses that form its vital maritime lines of communication. But Bremerhaven is more: it is also part of the state of the «Free Hanseatic City of Bremen», Germany's only two-city state consisting of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. Two cities, one state, which, however, are not united geographically. A distance of 60 kilometres lies between the two cities. The city's attractiveness as a leisure resort is something it already makes the most of. This is a shopping paradise right next to the sea, where you can stroll around department stores and boutiques, through seaport pubs and chic bistros and virtually never lose sight of ships, the dikes and the seaport atmosphere. The intensity of experience offered in Bremerhaven makes it an almost unique resort linking the land and the sea.

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