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Its beautiful and varied landscape makes Bronnoysund the perfect miniature Norway. To the west is a myriad of islands bearing the brunt of the North Sea's foaming waves while to the east majestic mountains reach to the skies and are reflected by numerous, sparkling rivers and lakes. Bronnoysund is not a big town. With its nearly 5,000 inhabitants, we're not talking London or Paris. In Bronnoysund everybody knows everybody, and the «city life» is moving slowly without stress of any kind. Bronnoysund Airport lies only 3 km from the city center and has daily connection with Bodo, Trondheim and further to Oslo. Just a short stroll from the centre of town, is the main quay located. Here the coastal steamer calls in twice a day (southbound in the afternoon and northbound just after midnight.) When the steamer calls in, the quay turns into a natural meeting place for the local people. There's always something happening at the quay, and to «meet» the coastal steamer as it comes alongside the dock, has been a tradition for the local people for many years.

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