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Cabo San Lucas, where the sea, sun and desert join to cast an air of mystery and romance over all who visit. Cabo was once a tranquil fishing village and, in times long ago, a hangout for pirates. Although no longer the fishing village of old, and not many of the old pirates are seen around town any more, the magic of Cabo remains. Cabo is still small and charming by any standards, with a population of under 30,000. We do have 4 stop lights now. And with the number of activities available to the visitor, you could easily imagine you are in a giant amusement park. Cabo has come of age. Located at the southernmost tip of the magnificent Baja peninsula, Cabo has been blessed with what many describe as the perfect climate. Average year-round temperature is 78 degrees, it is a little cooler in the winter and a bit warmer in the summer. For years Cabo was the remote playground reserved solely for private yacht owners. They flocked here to be near «Marlin Alley», as the waters around Cabo have often been described. The name is well deserved, as Cabo San Lucas is the undisputed billfish capital of the world. But Cabo is far from remote these days, and the attraction of this magical spot is no longer limited to marlin fishing. Cabo can be, many different things to people. Cabo San Lucas has become known as a perfect vacation spot for the entire family. Cabo can be as quiet, romantic and relaxing as any secret hideaway. It can also be as lively as anyone can possibly imagine. If your wish is to enjoy a quiet candlelight dinner, «muy romantico», beside the shimmering sea for just the two of you, we have some of the most romantic dining spots on the face of the earth. If golf, water sports, boating, fishing, ATV's, horseback riding and numerous other activities are what you seek, they're all here, waiting for you. If «party till you drop» is the mood of the evening, Cabo has got it for you, big time!

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