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Cagliari, «City of the Sun», spread out along its spectacular gulf, sums up the history and traditions of Sardinia, of which it is the capital. Its origins date back to the Phoenician-Punic period, and today it still preserves impressive Roman ruins, such as the majestic amphitheater and the unique Grotta della Vipera. The Pisan towers of the 14th century along with the powerful Spanish castle, in their dominating positions, distinguish the town's landscape. The historic quarters, around the ancient Aragoneses fortress, maintain their original medieval appearance and offer panoramic glimpses of rare beauty of the city and its lively port. The numerous folklore, sport and cultural events; museums, among the most important those of archeological nature; the great beach in Poetto, one of the most beautiful in Sardinia; the tourist port, known as one of the best places for sailing; its extraordinary mild climate throughout the entire year; make Cagliari one of the most interesting and attractive places in Italy.

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