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The largest city in Alberta, Calgary is located in the south-western part of the province. Calgary is home to the world-famous «Calgary Exhibition and Stampede,» and is ideally situated in the province for use as a «base» to explore the natural, cultural, and historic wonders of Alberta. Home to much of the Canadian oil and gas industry, Calgary is a vibrant modern city filled with skyscrapers and modern amenities. The city has taken care to ensure that numerous «green» areas are easily accessible, combining the best of both worlds. The City of Calgary has a population of roughly 850,000, and lies at an altitude of 1,049m. The weather in Calgary varies quite dramatically, from lows reaching -40C (albeit rarely) in the winter, to highs in excess of 30C in the summer. Calgary is subject to periodic «chinook winds» of warm air from the mountains during the winter which can cause the temperature to rise by more than 15C in just a few hours. Located in downtown Calgary, the the distinct shape of the tower rises 191 meters above the city. The observation terrace provides continuous views of the city and the nearby mountains. A restaurant is available for your dining pleasure. The elevator ride to the terrace (and restaurant) is available for a nominal charge. The Calgary Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Prehistoric Park located on the edge of the Bow River near downtown Calgary, the zoo is one of the premier zoos in Canada, if not North America. The zoo is made up of more than 1100 mammal, reptiles, amphibians and birds, including a troop of western lowland gorillas. The zoo has an international reputation for its efforts in breeding endangered animals. The already excellent habitats are being supplemented with «The Canadian Wilds,» a large area where natural habitats are being created for the animals to roam freely within. The zoo is also home to a botanical garden with a tropical rainforest and butterfly garden. In addition, the zoo has recently completed upgrading its Prehistoric Park, 6.5 acres of recreated Mesozoic landscape filled with 22 life size dinosaur replicas placed in what may have been natural surroundings. The Heritage Park, Located on the edge of the Glenmore Reservoir, Heritage Park creates the atmosphere of a pre-1915 village on 26 hectares of land. The Calgary Highlanders Museum, located at the Museum Of the Regiments, 4520 Crowchild Trail. The Museum chronicles the evolution of the 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles), 10th Battalion and the Calgary Highlanders. The gallery highlights their significant battles and achievements. Animated dioramas depict the grim realities of war and are vivid reminders of the heroism of Canadian soldiers. Together with photographs, documents, medals, weapons and uniforms, the gallery unfolds the history of this proud regiment.

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