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Cap-aux-Meules is the ferry's point of arrival where the visitor first makes acquaintance with Îles-de-la-Madeleine's countryside. For the last forty years, the concentration of businesses and services has made Cap-aux-Meules, with its Main Street and village-like appearance, the centre of the Islands. The name, Cap-aux-Meules (Grindstone), comes from the presence of grindstone in the hill overlooking the port.

The harbour of Cap-aux-Meules is a port bustling with activity: offshore and coastal fishing, the Madelipêche fish processing plant, the arrival and departure site of maritime crossings with the mainland (Souris, Montreal) and ferry boat to Entry Island. It is also the departure point for guided boat trips for fishing, observation cliffs and visits to Entry Island. Sailing enthusiasts visiting the archipelago will find well-equipped marina, La Marina and the Club Nautique. The C.T.M.A (maritime carrier) and the Canadian Coastguard is nearby. From chemin du Quai road you can gain access to the stairs leading to a belvedere with a panoramic view from the summit of the hill. These stairs also lead to the Littoral walking path, which follows the cliff to a small beach 2 km away.

Not far from the harbour, boats in dry-dock wait for the next fishing season or remain under repair. An enormous crane safely transfers boats on long straps. The tourist information office welcomes visitors on arrival here. It is located in Cap-aux-Meules at the intersection of chemin du Débarcadère road and route199. Here you may pick up tourist information on various services, weather, tide times, accommodations, restaurant menus and events, etc.

Despite the ''urban'' look of Cap-aux-Meules, nature is never very far away. A walk in Parc des Buck park around Quinn Lake, at the end of the chemin De la Mine road, or a little further into the hills, will reveal spectacular views of the island and its neighbours.

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