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Cape York is one of the most unusual Yorks – a place where in 1818 polar explorer Captain John Ross found a group of Eskimos who were so isolated they believed themselves to be the only people in the world. They were using nickel-iron tools and heard stories of the «iron mountain» as the source of the metal. In 1894 on his second expedition to Greenland Admiral Robert Peary was led to the site and discovered the «iron mountain» to be three huge chunks of meteoritic iron: a 59 ton mass called Ahnighito or «the tent», two smaller masses called «the woman» and «the dog.» In those days it was a case of finders' keepers so, after four summers' work, Admiral Peary was able to move the three Cape York irons to New York arriving in 1897. The Cape York iron 'Tent' is the largest known meteorite. Even today few ships sail this far north along the Greenland coast.

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