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Cartagena, conveniently located on Colombia's Caribbean coast, is a unique city filled with sun, sea and history. Comprised of a series of islands connected by bridges, Cartagena is divided by 17th Century walls into a historic «old city» and a cosmopolitan «modern city.» Tour magnificent fortresses including «The Castle», one of the largest examples of military architecture in Latin America. Relax on Cartagena's beaches or travel by speed boat to the nearby Rosario Islands for snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming in private Caribbean hideaways. Browse through shops and boutiques for emeralds, gold, and Pre-Colombian treasures. Enjoy the ambiance of Cartagena's captivating history inside rebuilt ships and forts where diners feast on fresh seafood. Recognized by the United Nations as a city of major cultural significance, Cartagena has a charm all its own.

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