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Ceuta - however small it is - is divided into two zones sliding into one another. To the east, around and near the real peninsula, practically all inhabitants are Spanish, and the feel to everything around you is all Spanish. But as soon as you head west, coming closer to the border area, you spot the first mosques, the women you see more often wear traditional conservative Moroccan clothes. At the very border- even on the Spanish side of it - you have already reached Morocco. But is Ceuta worth the visit. It is true that architecture is little new from what mainland Spain can offer - and there are few landmarks. But is absolutely a friendly place, and if you take the time to walk around places like Monte Hacho, there will be a good number places to check out. The biggest problem with Ceuta is that there is only 20 metres of beach (stone beach). Beyond the moment when Franco lauched his attack on Europe- Ceuta has had precious little historical incidents. Which might be an explanation to the slightly schizofrenic attitude to the monument that still rests here - nobody has tried to demolish it, yet it has not been attented to. And it is highlighted on the tourist map that is handed out to you from the tourist office in downtown Ceuta.

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