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Chuuk Atoll, in the Caroline Islands, encompasses 15 large islands, 192 outer islands and 80 islets and has one of the largest lagoons in the world. It measures 85 kilometers at its widest point and encloses an area of 822 square miles. What lies beneath the blue waters is a submerged museum of World War 2 Wrecks, for there are more than sixty ships of the Japanese wartime fleet encrusted with coral lying at various depths. The lagoon has been declared a monument, and salvage and souvenir taking of relics is prohibited by law. Divers must obtain a permit before diving around the ships. Chuuk's district centre on Weno is where visitors can experience a taste of island life by visiting the local stores jammed with everything from kerosene stoves to ladies wear and handicrafts. Most restaurants in Chuuk provide a selection of American, Japanese and local foods as regular menu items. US dollars are used while traveler’s checks and currency can be changed at banks and at some hotels.

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