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College Fjord main data and map

College Fjord, which branches off of Prince William Sound, plunges into the heart of the Chugach Mountains. As the name suggests, the glaciers along the fjord are generally named after East Coast Ivy League colleges. Baltimore Glacier flows from the northwest into Harvard Glacier, at the end of the fjord. Note how the medial at the center of Baltimore Glacier is picked up by Harvard Glacier and carried to the sea. Dominating the terminus of College Fjord is Harvard Glacier, a tidewater glacier noted for its very active calving. While more than 90 percent of all glaciers in Alaska are retreating, Harvard Glacier is slowly advancing. Notice the harbor seals resting on the ice. Glaciers calve with a sharp boom that sounds similar to a massive detonation of high explosives, followed by a roar as thousands of tons of ice plunge into the sea.

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