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Corinto or Puerto Corinto on the Pacific coast is the main port for Nicaragua, the largest republic of Central America. From here you can visit the city of Leon, where the largest cathedral in Central America stands or Managua on Lake Managua where you can see Darío Park, with its monument to Nicaragua's famed poet Rubén Darío, the National Palace, and the 20th century cathedral. Nearby there are also some good beaches. Corinto is an authentic Nicaraguan experience that shouldn’t be missed. Historically Corinto had a reputation as a rough and gritty seaport. In more recent times, Corinto has undergone a major face-lift for the better. The pride of Corinto is the new museum in the compounds of the neat and tidy central park. The streets are surprisingly clean in the downtown area and for the most part safe to walk around at night. However, as is the case in most places, there are certain areas that should be given a wide berth after dark.

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