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The Costa Smeralda lies on the North-Eastern coast of the isle of Sardinia, which is one of the main Italian islands, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, just one or two hour’s flight from the main European cities. It is an ideal sea-side resort, world renowned for its unique natural beauty and for the impeccably refined development, carried out by His Highness the Aga Khan, in perfect harmony with the natural environment. Nowhere in the world has such a large resort, of over 3000 hectares, been so well developed by only one person, with an overall Master Plan, contemplating a 50 year development and has received so much loving care for detail. The result is there to be seen: beautiful buildings on a human scale, designed by Europe’s very best architects, hand built by top Sardinian craftsmen, with their millennial experience in the working of granite, the natural stone of the island and the perfumed juniper wood. On the Costa Smeralda you will find the most spectacular villas and apartments, designed by the world's most famous architects and built by Sardinia's finest craftsmen. All properties are protected by the efficient organization of the Consortium Costa Smeralda, that guarantees all basic services and infrastructure, water supply, road repairs, beach cleaning, road cleaning, medical services, fire protection, security, etc., which in turn guarantee a perfect, care-free holiday in the resort, as well as the stability of the investment. Within a couple of hours, you can visit so many extraordinary places: Tiscali, Su Goruppu, the deepest gorge of Europe, Cala Luna, Bosa, the Phoenician towns of Nora and Tharros, the Nuragic villages of Barrumini and Sant Antine, the sand dunes of Piscinas and many, many more. There are endless opportunities for sight-seeing, shopping, trekking in the spectacular Sardinian hinterland and for discovering the fascinating and mysterious archeological monuments dating back many millenniums.

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