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Crotone is one of the main cities of Calabria, with an illustrious history: it was a powerful centre of Magna Graecia, and here Pythagoras, the mathematician and philosopher of ancient times established his school. Of all Calabrian cities, Crotone shows to the highest degree the layering of various styles and cultures which over time left their imprint on the local handicraft tradition. One of the most distinguished artisan sectors is that of gold and jewellery, which boasts unequalled artists of international renown. Another thriving, fast-developing sector is that of fashion design, which boasts a number of talented young designers who are rapidly gaining a reputation at national level. The city is enriched by important monuments and palaces, including the Cathedral, whose earliest structure dates back to the 9th century. A much revered icon is the Black Madonna or Madonna of Capo Colonna, celebrated in the month of May with various religious and cultural events. Another interesting sight is the imposing 16th-Century Castle, with its characteristic polygonal ground plan. Near the city, we also find various ancient palaces, the homes of noble families. Visitors interested in the heritage of the Crotone and its area should not fail to visit the National Archaeological Museum, where they can admire prehistoric, Greek and Roman findings. Another charming spot is the former Capo Lacinio, nowadays known as Capo Colonna, a headland where once stood the Doric temple of Hera Lacinia, the main religious centre of this area in the Greek period, nowadays only witnessed by the remains of the base course and a solitary column. The environment surrounding the city is specially charming and well-preserved, so much so that in December 1991, the territory stretching from the municipality of Crotone to that of Isola Capo Rizzuto was declared a Natural Marine Sanctuary. Crotone is also deservedly famous for its wines, appreciated around the world, true nectars that match superbly with the exquisite local food. The typical dishes, made with pulses, fish and meat, spiced with chilli pepper and dressed with local extra-virgin olive oil will certainly add to the pleasure of a vacation in Crotone. Finally, for those who appreciate country living and folk traditions, there is a rich offer of farm holiday centres, where you may spend a pleasant and comfortable holiday in close contact with nature.

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