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Cruises to Dalian

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Located at the southern tip of Liaoning Peninsula. Dalian is one of the most important seaports as well as industrial, trading, tourist and information cities in China.Dalian has a pleasant climate with the clearly demarcated seasons, cool summers, and warm winters. Dalian abounds with natural resources. It is an important base of fruit and water product production in China. Dalian is also the «home of track and fields» and the famous «soccer city» in China. The flourishing coastal city of Dalian is the major port for China's north-east province and is a magnet for foreign investors. A major industrial producer in its own right, Dalian is connected by pipeline to the Daqing oil field.Thriving ship building and chemical industries have also been developed. The port has a wealth of handicraft factories whose products include glassware and shell mosaics. Other attractions include beaches, parks, gardens and a zoo.

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