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Cruises to Deception Island

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Deception Island is ring-shaped Island 8 miles in diameter, with a narrow entrance into a central landlocked harbor (a drowned breached crater), lying nearly 10 miles South of Livingston Island, in the South Shetland Islands. The name dates back to at least 1821 and is now established in international usage. Deception Island is a unique Antarctic island. It is an active volcano with a large flooded caldera open to the sea, which forms a natural harbor. The island has had a long and varied history of human activity, including exploration, sealing and whaling, aviation, scientific research and tourism. Three volcanic eruptions took place on the island between 1967 - 1970, destroying the Chilean station at Pendulum Cove and the British station at Whalers Bay. Today, Argentina and Spain maintain summer scientific stations there. It is also the most visited island in the Antarctic.

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