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It is worth visiting the archaeological site of Delphi, its history begins in 1400 BC and is directly connected to the Oracle of Delphi. Kings, warriors came to Delphi to consult the oracle of Pythia (the priestess). In exchange they offered treasures and a specific tax called “pelanos». In this way the Oracle became one of the wealthiest sanctuaries of the ancient world. As in the case of Olympia, games used to be held at Delphi, know as the Pythian games. They took place every four years in honor of the god Apollo and included contests among poets, musicians, philosophers etc. Delphi was brought back to light after the extensive and systematic excavations of German archaeologists (from 1840) and the French School of Athens (from 1892). The temple of Apollo dominated the center of the sanctuary’s enclosure. The Sarced way led up to the temple having to the right and left, elegant buildings such as Treasuries of the Athenians, the Sikyonians, the Sifnians, Arcades, the Stoa of the Athenians and many others. There are also the remains of the theatre, the Gymnasium and the temple of Athena Pronoia.

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