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The town of Djúpivogur is built, half-hidden, among rocks and crags which provide a unique natural setting, overlooked by the symmetrical basalt pyramid of Mt. Bdiandstindur (1,069 m) which is widely believed to be a focus of mystical forces. In one sense, the whole environment is living, even the rocks - Berufj6r6ur fjord where it lies is named after a local trollwoman who is said to be buried in a mound beside the town, while her troll husband turned into one of the hills. An elves' church is supposed to be in the Rakkaberg cliffs north of the town. Djúpivogur was an important port for German and later Danish traders from the 14th century onwards. In 1627, its peaceful life was, temporarily shattered when more than one hundred villagers were captured by raiding Algerian pirates and sent to slavery in North Africa. Sights to see in and around town include a museum of statues and carvings at the birthplace of woodcarver Rikarður Jónsson, and Langabúð, one of the oldest stores in Iceland, part of which dates back to 1790 Off the shore, the island of Papey is named after Irish hermits who sailed to the then uninhabited Iceland in the 7th and 8th centuries, in search of spiritual peace. Today, Papey is popular with bird watchers and can be reached by boat, while the protected area around Mt. Teigarhorn, a 5 km ride or hike north of the town, abounds in a different gift of nature: semi-precious zeolite crystals. Longer trips from Djúpivogur can include expeditions by snowmobile or skidoo onto Vatnajbkull glacier (at 8,000 km' the largest glacier in Europe) and cruising among the calving icebergs on the eerie glacial lagoon of Brei6urmerkuri6n.

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