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This town, the island's capital, is a small town with a host of restaurants and shops. Hanga Roa is very small with the majority of the shops on the long road from just below the church in the west to the airport road in the east. There are a number of small supermarkets along the central part of this road which stock a surprising variety of foods including, for example, tinned Camembert cheese. The town's market is towards the centre of this road and here you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, and fresh fish caught that morning. At least one of these supermarkets will accept Visa for payment provided a reasonable amount is purchased but you may have to be very pushy. A number of Moais, shown above, are grouped just north of the town on the coast near the museum. This is an ideal site for sunset photography as the sun sets behind the Moais. Don't forget a torch for the return walk as there are no street lights this far out! There are many artesans here, selling their wares from cloths laid out on the ground and it is easy to barter other commodities. For example, Scotch whisky is almost like hard currency and a good pair of shoes or a rucksack are in high demand. Be warned that the wives of the men trading Moais for Scotch can get very upset about the deal but they are quite happy to acquire shoes!

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