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Amid a forest of trees and a pristine mountain expanse you'll find a steep waterway otherwise known as Endicott Arm. The «arm» pierces 30 miles into the Coast Mountain Range offering up some spectacular sights for cruise passengers. Floating with you in Endicott Arm are 3-story pieces of ice that have «calved» (split) from the glaciers that line the waterway. Some of those chunks of ice are as long as a city block; some are as small as an ice cube. A visit to Endicott Arm proves that the best way to see and appreciate the wildlife and glaciers of Alaska is from the window or railing of your cruise ship. Keep those binoculars handy. As you move slowly and silently through the arm look for black and brown bears, mountain goats, wolverines, Sitka black-tailed deer, eagles, sea lions and harbor seals. Spectacular wildlife framed by glistening glaciers and blue, blue waters. Just another day in Alaska!

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