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Today Floro is a modern town, and the pride of those who live here. Along with the people in Bergen they regard themselves as the most “townproud» people in Norway. This is hardly surprising when we look at Floro's isolated location on the edge of the ocean and consider the hard work it has taken to earn one's living there, primarily as fishermen and industrial workers. From time to time, whenever these busy people took a break, they surely also must have realised that they were lucky to live in such a scenic landscape close to a mighty ocean. In Florø you may fish in the lakes or go for big ocean cod, and the solitary-minded will always find ample space in the wild mountain stretches towards the Alfot glacier. Due to the special development of the Norwegian language, the town, founded in 1860, is called Floro, but it is the centre of the municipality of Flora, which comprises the former municipalities of Floro, Bru and Kinn. Downtown Floro was not hit too hard by the “modern» building boom that struck Norway during the 60s and 70s. Thus there are not so many concrete “bunkers» to be seen and the restored old houses are nice to see. The main street, Strandgaten, has been undergoing comprehensive restoration since 2002. This and the new marina in the centre of town has indeed turned Floro into not only a good place to be for just any tourist, but simply the best place to stop over for those who arrive on their own keel. However you travel, you will find a small, original and lively town with nice streets and shopping centres catering to any need. Twice Florø has been elected as Norway's nicest town, and in 1998 the Ministry of the Environment awarded it the price “Miljobyen«for its active environment work.

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