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Gijon, with almost 300 000 inhabitants, is the capital of the «Costa Verde». Gijon is a modern city with every single facility needed. The wide range of hotels, restaurants & shopping facilities is mainly in the city-centre, by Corrida Street. In addition to being the main city in Asturias, Gijon has the largest concentration of industries, backed up by the outer harbour «El Musel», one of the busiest in Spain. One of the most important tourist resources is San Lorenzo Beach, with a 3 mile-long promenade. The Marina, with its modern installs is also a must-see. But there are even more beaches in Gijon: Arbeyal, Poniente... There are lots of typical little towns around Gijon: green valleys, beautiful meadows... Both in the center and outskirts you can find spots to relax as Isabel la Católica Park or Monte de Deva. Gijon is the perfect place to have a lot of fun. Festivities in the city take place all through the year as «Antroxu» (Carnival)... but there are even more things going on during summer-time: «Semana Negra», «International Film Festival», «Day of Asturias», «Fiestas de Begona», «International Trade Fair of Asturias», concerts, parades, sporting events, cultural activities... All this makes Gijon unforgettable and makes you want to come back again.

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