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Cruises to Grand Turk

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Grand Turk is the seat of government for the Turks and Caicos Islands, is a small island (about nine kilometres (six miles) long and five kilometres (three miles) wide) located at the end of the Bahamas archipelago, 871 kilometres (575 miles) Southeast of Miami. An easy flight from the U.S., whilst the Dominican Republic is some 100 miles to the Southeast. A small, relaxed, easily accessible island for travellers from the US, Canada, and the emerging European market. It has one of the lowest crime rates of any Caribbean destination, and the Islanders (all 5000 of them) are renowned for their friendliness. First gaining prominence in the 1600's for its salt-making stations, Grand Turk may have been Columbus' first stop in the New World. The terrain is flat and the climate is dry, with all fresh water coming from rainwater catchment and desalination. The climate is ideal for working, sleeping and swimming and benefits from having some of the best Scuba diving in the world. The water is clear and ideal for snorkelling. Low scrub hardwoods, cactus, and sisal grow on open areas, while Australian pine thrives along beaches. Some exotic palms grow further inland. Cattle, horses, donkeys, and goats wander around the island untended, as do small lizards and the island is home to numerous varieties of birds (including flamingos). Travellers interested in 'getting away from it all' will find Grand Turk to be just what they are looking for. For divers, sun lovers, and of course Honeymooners, the overall quality and value of Grand Turk is very high. The relaxed feel of this tropical island hideaway comes as a welcome respite from the 'high pressure pleasures' of some of the other Caribbean holiday spots

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