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More than 40 km north of the mainland lies the Island of Grimsey, 5,3 km2, green and grassy on the top, but on the sides largely fortified with perpendicular rocks. It is crossed by the Arctic Circle at the north end, the only point of Iceland in the Arctic. Grimsey is mentioned in many old sources. Snorri Sturluson tells in his extensive history of the Norwegian kings, Heimskringla, how St. Olaf asked for the then uninhabited Grimsey as a present from the Icelanders. The Sturlunga book records the flight of bishop Gudmundur the Good to Grimsey where he later lost a battle against the Sturlungar clan. In the past, Grimsey was renowned as an inexhaustible source of eggs and birds, and for rich fishing banks around the island. In fact, while people perished from starvation on the mainland, the inhabitants of Grimsey rarely suffered. However, fresh food was often scarce and scurvy was widespread until the islanders discovered scurvy-grass as a preventive source of vitamin C. People often visit this northernmost Icelandic settlement in order to set foot across the Arctic Circle - indeed all our passengers receive a certificate of this. But Grimsey has a number of other things to offer. Early in the summer, observing the midnight sun on the island can be an unforgettable experience. On the west coast there are beautiful coves, decorated with basalt columns and skerries. The east coast boasts of 100 m high sea cliffs, where egg-collecting from the cliffs is still practised. Conditions for bird-watching are unique, the cliffs usually abounding in sea birds such as puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars and kittiwakes. On the grassy parts of the island, one must walk with care to avoid treading on the numerous tern's nests and young chicks. Grimsey has a church, a swimming pool and a guest house. In good weather, you will enjoy a grand view of the wild mountains on both sides of Eyjafjordur on your way to Grimsey, whether you decide to take the sea or the air route from Akureyri. You can choose between flying both ways, flying one way and taking a ferry the other, or going both ways by sea. A one way flight takes about 20 minutes but the sailing time (without stops) is about 5 hours each way.

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