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The village of Grundarfjörur is situated in a fjord with the same name surrounded by imposing mountains. The communities name is Eyrarsveit , stretching from Hraunsfjörur in the east to Búlandshöfi in the west, the population of Eyrarsveit is about 900. On the western side of Grundarfjörur the fjord, Mt. Kirkjufell separated from other mountains rises magnificently. Grundarfjörur the village was one of the first villages in Iceland. It became a trading centre for Snæfellsnes 1786. Its harbour is considered one of the best natural harbours on Snæfellsnes. Around 1800 Frenchmen settled in Grundarfjörur with their shipping fleet and left at 1860. The main source of income is fish and fish processing. Tourism is of growing importance. Activities such as sea angling, whale watching, sightseeing by sea golf at Suur-Bár or trout fishing is among the possibilities to choose from. For those interested in Geology Grundarfjörur is spectacular unusually varied and it is possible to find relics from most of the periods of Iceland’s geological history. Its stated that the Setberg volcano in Eyrarsveit is the oldest volcano in Iceland. There are short walking trips all over providing an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful environment. Klakkur, Grundarkambur, Kverná and Grundargil are few of the trails, after a good days walk one can relax in the swimming pool at Grundarfjörur. Hótel Framnes, Suur-Bár, Setberg, Krákan offers accommodation, campsite is at Kverná and Setberg and the restaurants Krákan and Kristján IX offer refreshment and meals. There are excellent communications to and from Reykjavík . Grundarfjörur «Where the mountains rise to the power of spring» welcomes you.

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