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Gudvangen is the centre of the Nærøy area including the famous Naeroy Fjord, which is the most narrow fjord in the world, and the dramatic «canyon«-valley named Naeroy, leading up to «Stalheimskleivene», the steep hairpin road with 13 turns in the end of the canyon . Gudvangen is one of the oldest cruiseship ports in Norway. The old souveniershop in Gudvangen was build in 1876 for the cruise-passengers. Tourism started in this area to provide for travellers as this was the main ( and only) road east-west of Norway. Then cruise industry started and other travellers followed. 1000 years ago this was a Viking centre (Naeroy means the Good Njord who stands for shipping and trade) and the place kept on growing. On the 17th century there was around 400 inhabitants in Gudvangen, but more then half of the population emigrated to the States because there was not enough food or land for so many people.

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