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Hagi is a castle town sitting on the delta of the Abu-gawa River, with well-preserved traditional buildings. Located in the middle of Yamaguchi along the coast of the Japan Sea, Hagi is a castle town sitting on the delta of the Abu-gawa River surrounded by mountains on three sides. Its coastal part belongs to Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park. The site of Hagi Castle, on which some portions of castle walls and stonewalls remain, is open to the public and today called Shizuki Park. If tourists go east of the Hagi Castle's outer moat where the castle town once stood, they can see old-time alleys and white storehouses with namako walls (covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster). The area containing three parallel-running bystreets, Edoya-Yokocho, Iseya-Yokocho, and Kikuya-Yokocho, where old-time residences are open to the public, is listed as a national historic site as the castle town of Hagi. Horiuchi, east of the remains of the outer castle moat, is an area where high-ranking samurai lived and designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. Also, when tourists visit Hagi, known for Hagi-yaki pottery, they cannot miss the Ishii-Chawan (bowl) Museum exhibiting masterpieces of Ko-Hagi (old Hagi) ware together with about 130 pieces of bowls and works of contemporary ceramic artists.

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