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Hammerfest is the world's northernmost town, with a population of 9000. The town celebrated its 200th annivesary on the 17th of July 1987. It Covers an area of 884 square kilometres. Fishing has always been important for the community and many workers are employed by the industry. Tourism is another important industry and 350,000 tourists visit the town each year. Finnmark's central hospital is located in Hammerfest. Communications are well developed with an airport, and daily boat and bus services. Hammerfest is a modern town with a rich and varied cultural life. There are sports clubs, an alpine centre, a choir, and a brass band. The college at Hammerfest is located near the hospital, about a 15 minutes walk from the towncentre, with a regular bus service. Hammerfest has a charming town centre with many shops, cafés, pubs, and restaurants. Hammerfest Church has no altar piece and one of the front walls is a large intense stained-glass painting. Hammerfest Catholic Church, home of the world’s northernmost Catholic congregation. The Meridian Monument - erected to commemorate the first international committee to measure the size of the Earth in 1816. The Ancient and Royal Polar Bear Society is a museum featuring themes from Hammerfest’s time as the starting point for whaling and sealing expeditions to the Arctic. The Arctic Sea Gate is the meridians reach towards the north - crowned with Hammerfest’s coat of arms. The icebergs and polar bears show Hammerfest’s history as the gate to the Arctic.

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