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Hiroshima City facing the Hiroshima Bay in the Seto Inland Sea is one of the most prominent cities in the Chugoku region, and a center of the administration and economy of Hiroshima. Six rivers flow through the city, so it is also called the «city of water.» It was devastated by an atomic bomb in World War II. All structures vanished, but one miraculously remained standing. It is called the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, and Hiroshima is internationally known as the city of peace. Hiroshima developed as a castle town after a feudal lord, Mori Terumoto, built Hiroshima Castle in the 16th century. Hiroshima Castle is also called Ri-jo, or Carp Castle, because the exterior painted in black resembles a black carp. There are a number of must-see places, such as the Shukukei-en Garden, or a miniature scenery garden, so named because there is a miniature version of Lake Xiyu (West Lake) in Hangzhou in China and many other miniatures of scenic sights, and the old Mitaki-dera Temple built in 809. The red Taho-to Tower in the Mitaki-dera Temple was transferred from a shrine in Wakayama as a memorial tower for the victims of the atomic bomb attack. Hiroshima also offers gastronomical pleasure, including oysters the culture of which has been going on since 1673 and okonomi-yaki Hiroshima style, unique flour crepes fried with vegetables and noodles that are different at each restaurant.

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