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Hobart is Australia's southernmost capital city and the country's second oldest. The fact that it is also the smallest is a key to its particular charm. A riverside city with a busy harbour, its mountain backdrop offers fine views over the compact suburbs below. Its beautiful Georgian buildings (even the harbourside warehouses are picturesque), relaxed atmosphere, numerous parks and attractive homes make Hobart one of the most enjoyable and engaging of Australia's cities.Hobart is in the south-east of the state, in the middle of a series of islands and peninsulas that surround Storm Bay. It lies at the foot of Mt Wellington, and is approached from the north by the Tasman bridge and highway. Queen's Domain and the botanical gardens feed into the grid of the central business area, which is just minutes away from the wharves that line Sullivans Cove. The waterfront area is the focus for the city's events and the location of most tourist attractions. South from here is Sandy Bay, the site of Hobart's university and the Wrest Point Hotel Casino.The airport is in Hobart's eastern suburbs, 16km (10mi) from the city centre. Buses leave from the Transit Centre, to the west of the city centre, and from Hobart Coaches, right in the city. Accommodation in Hobart ranges from backpackers' hostels and quaint but sometimes expensive B&Bs and guesthouses, to harbourside pubs and four-star hotels. Because of the city's tiny proportions, it's possible to stay conveniently close to the city's attractions and food outlets. The main areas for budget accommodation are the city centre and the older suburbs to the north and west. Middle and upper-end accommodation is spread all over town.

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