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Faial Island's capital, Horta, is a regular meeting point for yachts and other vessels crossing the Atlantic, having played host to streams of caravels, clippers and catamarans over the centuries. It is also a popular departure point for deep-sea fishing trips, dolphin- and whale-watching excursions and scuba-diving activities. Horta's museum displays antique furniture, portraits, nautical memorabilia and photographs of the island's busy harbour. The Scrimshau Museum above the famous Peter's Café Sport exhibits engraved whales' bones and teeth dating back to 1884. 15 km from Horta is the Caldeira Cabeço Gordo, a vast green 400-metre-deep volcanic crater in the centre of the island. Faial's other spectacular natural sight is the Vulcão dos Capelinhos, where volcanic activity in 1957 extended the island on the west side, smothering a lighthouse which can now be seen buried in ash.

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