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Cruises to Isla Margarita

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Isla Margarita main data and map

The Margarita island is the main attraction of the state of Nueva Esparta, in the coastal zone of Venezuela. It also constitutes the main entrace for visitors who come to this country searching for superb beaches. In this island the national and foreign tourists can find many beaches, with excellent waters for windsurfing, interesting sites, an infrastructure oriented to the tourism (hotels, resorts, inns, etc.), a wide variety of options for dining and lively nighttime entertainment, and more. The beaches on the Margarita island are famous around the world due to their quality and beauty. In fact, on these beaches all preferences are satisfied because you can find beaches that range from those with enormous waves to those with very calm water or coves, and beaches with delicious temperate waters to the ones with very cold waters that seem to belong to other regions. Then, you will find the beach of your dreams in this beautiful island.

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