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Azores origins make Itajai one of the most important harbors in the northern area of the country. The population has more than 147,000 inhabitants and the city today is a tourist and economic center. Apart from the good hotels Itajai has restaurants, bars, and other attractions like the gothic style church with the paintings of Aldo Locatelli and Emilio Sessa. In the city there are 3 musuems and many monuments in the diverse locations. In the south where the beaches are, Bico do Papagaio is located, a unique stone in the shape of a bird's head. A lighthouse was Ā«placedĀ» in operation in 1902. The Marejada, a portugese fishing festival has existed since 1987. The tourist and economic potential of the city is becoming known. There are many attractions there, music, but the main attraction is the fruit of the sea.

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