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Johnstone Strait is a glacier-carved waterway between the northeast coast of Vancouver Island and the rugged mountains of mainland British Columbia. Its hundreds of picturesque islands, luxuriant forest, artistic native cultures, colorful marine life, and the highest density of killer whales anywhere in the world, create a fantastic sea kayaking destination. Summers are generally beautiful, with only occasional rain and fog. Orcas (killer whales) congregate here during the summer months and bald eagles dot tree tops along the shoreline, both attracted by salmon runs in the straits. Although the sea here is home to porpoises, sea lions, and many species of sea birds, it is the Orcas that captivate attention by blowing, spyhopping, and breaching. To observe a pod of these magnificent creatures up close is among life's great thrills. Our Johnstone Strait sea kayaking trip begins near the town of Port McNeill, located on Vancouver Island's remote northeastern coast. Paddling stable two-person kayaks, you can watch and listen for Orcas and visitancient native village sites. This is an exciting trip of wilderness camping and memorable images.

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