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Located on the Baltic coast in Southeastern Sweden, Kalmar is a small city with a rich history. Kalmar is the home of the “Key to the Kingdom», the name given to the magnificent Vasa fortress, Sweden’s best - preserved Renaissance castle. When the old town from the Middle Ages could no longer be defended against the arch-enemy Denmark, a new Kalmar was built on Kvarnholmen. This part of the town, with its Baroque cathedral, its fortified walls and bastions, cobbled streets and stone-built houses from the 17th century, is a wonderful reminder of Sweden’s time as a great power. Today, Kalmar is located in one of Sweden’s biggest tourist counties. Connected to Sweden’s island paradise of Oland by one of Europe’s longest bridges; lovely beaches, vacation houses, castle ruins, and a restored Viking village, are just a short drive away. The Kalmar Lans Museum, with its permanent exhibition of relics from the Royal warship Kronan, and display of work by Jenny Nystrom, creator of the Swedish Christmas elf, draws visitors from all parts of the world. The glassworks of Orrefors and Kosta Boda in Sweden’s kingdom of Crystal are nearby; as is the emigrant region of Smaland.

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